Central Illinois Countertops

Karran Undermount Series

Using the knowledge of highly skilled materials engineers, we have created Karran acrylic.
This ultra-dense 100% acrylic resin is the key to a sink that offers outstanding performance.
All sinks are available in a choice of 2 popular colors. (Bisque & White).
These sinks are undermounted to your laminate countertop.
You no longer need to have granite or other solid
surfaces to create the seamless look of an undermount sink.


  •  It will not stain, GUARANTEED
  • It will not crack from thermal shock, GUARANTEED
  • It's completely non-porous surface prevents bacterial growth.
  • It's satin finish allows the use of all cleansers, including abrasive scouring pads.
  • In fact,  we recommend abrasive cleansers for daily cleaning.
  • It withstands temperatures as high as 360 F.
  • Backed by a 50-Year limited warranty
  • View Models at Karran.com